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We are computer solution experts, specialized on digital transformation.
We guarantee improvement on business development, and operations effectiveness. 

Corporate World

Enabling Digital Transformation and Technology Refresh: improving processes, achieving proficiency, reducing costs, and expanding profits.

Global Organizations

Global Technology deployment, improving online presence, integration field offices, remote communication, and solid marketing strategies.

Higher Education

Increasing enrollment by the deployment of online marketing, modern academic infrastructure, virtual campuses and distance learning programs.

Government Institutions

Deployment of cutting-edge technology on governmental institutions, helping them to keep up with technology trends and operational efficiencies.

About Us | Core Competencies At A Glance

Computerized solution providers that will enable your business to achieve your strategic goals and expand business growth

We are world-class consultants backed up by wide-range of industry certifications and many years of experience in business development and digital transformation.

We focus first on customer behavioral insights before suggesting the deployment of technology. Through the active stakeholder’s participation, we identify and pinpoint all the opportunities to improve your business processes and operations deficiencies; we then attain business success through the deployment of precise and affordable technological tools.

We have more than
 20 yrs
    of Experience
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Why Choose Us

We will connect you with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art solutions

What distinguish our company from the competitors is our team; the amazing pool of professionals, consultants, and technicians with an outstanding level of passion, knowledge, and commitment. We continue exceeding our client expectations, and improving efficiency, value and innovation, mostly associated to the following areas:

Digital Transformation

IT Project Management

Online Presence | Web Development

Distance Learning | Virtual Campus

Federal Grant Management

IT Staff Development

IT Cloud Computing

A/V Solutions | Media Services

Our Services

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We will be delighted to provide you with more details about our products and services, and explore opportunities to enhance your operations and success. Below is a list of our main competencies. Please contact us to discuss any specific need related to these areas, or any other not listed.

Digital Transformation

✓ IT Strategic Planning ✓ Road Map for Digital Transformation ✓ Technology Refresh ✓ Innovation ...

IT Project Management

✓ Data Centers ✓ LAN/WAN ✓ ERP ✓ CRM ✓ BPM ✓ DMS ✓ BI ✓ Application Development ✓ Virtualization ✓ Security ...

Online Presence | Web Management

✓ Web Development ✓ Online Marketing ✓ SEO ✓ Social Media ✓ Online Store ✓ E-Commerce ✓ Leads Generation ...

Distance Learning | Virtual Campus

✓ Instructional Designing ✓ LMS ✓ Online Academic Programs ✓ Campus Portal ✓ Faculty Training ✓ Smart-Classrooms ...

Federal Grant Management

✓ Grant Writers ✓ Submissions ✓ Management ✓ Directing ✓ Reporting ✓ Researching ✓ Consulting ...

IT Staff Development

✓ IT Department Profiling ✓ Training ✓ Learning Systems ✓ Performance Evaluations ✓ Job Descriptions ...

IT Cloud Computing

✓ Cloud Migration ✓ IaaS ✓ SaaS ✓ SOA ✓ AWS ✓ Azure ✓ Colocation ✓ Hosting ✓ Virtualization ✓ MS-Office 365 ✓ Salesforce ✓ SAP ✓ Google Apps ...

A/V Solutions | Media Services

✓ Events ✓ Video Conference ✓ Video Production ✓ IP Phone Systems ✓ A/V Solutions ✓ Signage Systems ...

Let us show you modern and advanced technologyTrue Digital Transformation

Our commitment is to facilitate the use of technology to help you achieve impact-driven results that will drive business growth. We have an extensive pool of certified IT Professionals, Specialists, Partners, Collaborators, to ensure your success is guaranteed. 

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